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Black garlic

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50 g, single toes

  • Japanese premium quality
  • unpeeled
  • great black color
  • sweet and sour at the same time
  • hardly any garlic heat
  • hardly any garlic odor


What is the difference between white and black garlic?

Black garlic is not a special type of garlic, but a white garlic that is ripened under special conditions and thereby changes color, taste and consistency.

How does black garlic taste?

A black garlic of the best quality tastes balanced sweet and sour. The actual garlic taste is reduced. The typical garlic odor after eating is also significantly less than when using white garlic. The consistency of black garlic is very soft.

Where does black garlic come from?

There are different statements about the origin, Japanese sources say that it was developed in Japan around the turn of the millennium. The molecular chef Ferran Adria from Spain discovered black garlic in the following years and made it known in the star gastronomy.

How is black garlic made?

Carefully selected types of garlic are ripened over a long period of time under defined heat and humidity conditions. The sugars and amino acids naturally occurring in garlic change as a result. The black color is caused by a kind of caramelization - this is the so-called Maillard reaction.

Is Black Garlic a Fermented Product?

No, the white garlic is not fermented, but matures under the conditions mentioned.

Are there quality differences in black garlic?

The quality of black garlic depends first of all on the type of white garlic selected. The higher the natural sugar content, the more caramelization can take place.

Further quality differences arise from the manufacturing process of the producer. The conditions vary in terms of humidity between 80 and 90%, in terms of temperature between 60 and 90 °, the ripening time is between 15 and 90 days. Japanese manufacturers strive for a balance between sweetness and acidity and therefore invest a lot of time and thought into the ideal course of the ripening process. Inexpensive black garlic is often only ripened for a short time and does not taste as complex as the high-quality variants, usually they are more sour than sweet and sour.

What do you do with black garlic?

First of all, it is important that black garlic is not sweated, but cut into tiny pieces or pureed.

  • Cut into small slices, it looks great as a colored element on a pizza.
  • As a small cube, it goes well with roast pork.
  • As a paste (toes mashed and mixed with a little water) it is a great dip for grilled foods.
  • The paste can also be processed in a mayonnaise.


    "You can imagine black garlic like a prune with a little more acidity and a little garlic flavor." 
    Jean Luc Oosting



    Delivery within 3-5 days
    Origin: Japan

    Ingredients: garlic
    Allergens: none

    Nutritional values
    per 100 g
    1021 kJ / 240 kcal
    <0.5 g
    saturated with it
    <0.1 g
    52.0 g
    of which sugars
    36.0 g
    7.8 g
    <0.1 g

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