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200 g

Sangohachi is a fermented rice paste for marinating, seasoning etc.

Ingredients: rice (Italy), spring water (Brandenburg), sea salt (Portugal), Aspergillus Oryzae 

Allergens: none according to the manufacturer

Maturation: Fermented in an earthenware pot

Fermentation time: three months

Properties: Mild, round, slightly sweet, salty, slightly cheesy, gluten-free, vegan, not pasteurized

Use: For marinating vegetables, white fish or white meat; For fermenting vegetables; for salting and seasoning sauces or dishes

Shelf life: Stored in a cool and dry place, shelf life is 12 months

Delivery time: 10 working days


Nutritional values per 100 g

849.4 kJ / 203 kcal


0.5 g

of which saturated:

0.2 g


45.6 g

of which sugars:

29.6 g


3.9 g


9.4 g

Responsible entrepreneur: Markus Shimizu, Stephanstr 24, 10559 Berlin

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