Japanischer Sesam Röster

Japanese sesame roaster

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Where does this roaster come from?

This roasting pan is a traditional device for roasting sesame seeds and comes from the Japanese region of Iga. 


What is it made of?

It is handcrafted from Iga ceramics and consists of a non-glazed clay. The clay itself also comes from the Iga region. Its quality makes for one high heat resistance of the panwhat they ideal for roasting makes. The tradition of the production method goes back to the 8th century. 

The dimensions of the pan are: 12 cm in diameter, 20 cm in length including the handle, 6 cm in height


What is the sesame roaster used for?

With this pan you can roast sesame seeds yourself. Other products that can be roasted with it:

  • tea
  • Salt and spices
  • rice
  • Coffee beans
  • Soybeans
  • Etc.


How do you roast with this pan?

Add the sesame seeds, tea leaves, spices, etc. to the pan. Place on a small gas flame. Move the pan back and forth as it heats. When you have heard the crackling roast sound around 30 times, remove the pan from the heat source and continue rocking it back and forth until the sound stops.

Pour into a container through the handle of the pan. Use after cooling and ideally store any remaining quantities in the refrigerator.


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