Hinode Hon Mirin

Hinode Hon Mirin (alcohol 14% vol.)

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400 ml

Hinode Hon Mirin is a sweet rice wine in basic quality with 14% alcohol content for boiling.


  • For your own teriyaki sauces
  • With grilled meat or fish
  • Mix with soy sauce for sushi
  • As an ingredient in salad dressings

Japanese sweet cooking wine
Delivery time: 10 working days
Ingredients: sticky rice, rice, maltose syrup, alcohol 14% vol.

Allergens: none

Nutritional values per 100 ml
energy 1001 kJ / 239 kcal
fat 0 g
saturated with it 0 g
42.8 g
of which sugars 34.5 g
protein 0.2 g
salt 0.01 g

Responsible entrepreneur: SSP Trade & Consult GmbH, Philip-Reis-Strasse 15 B3 / B4, 63128 Dietzenbach

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