Fichtensprossen Sirup Glas

Spruce sprout syrup

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219 ml

  • artisanal produced according to a traditional recipe
  • pure naturally
  • intense taste
  • vegetarian


Description Spruce sprout syrup

Once a year, in May, fresh light green spruce shoots are picked by hand near Lübeck in the North of Germany. Immediately after harvest, they are boiled down to a brew and processed into spruce sprout syrup.

The Spruce sprout syrup is spreadable and its taste is reminiscent of the aroma of forest and fir tree combined with the tart, sweet note of caramel.



Use of spruce sprout syrup

You can eat spruce sprout syrup pure as a spread for bread or use it for baking, sweetening and refining your dishes. It's an interesting alternative to maple syrup:

  • pure as a spread
  • for sweetness for cakes, sweets, chocolates
  • as topping for ice cream
  • with yogurt, quark
  • for breakfast bowls



Spruce sprout syrup
Origin: Germany
Delivery within 3-5 days
Ingredients: sugar, water, spruce sprouts
Allergens: none

Nutritional values per 100 g
energy 1188 kJ / 284 kcal
fat  0.1 g
saturated with it  0.1 g
carbohydrates 70.0 g
of which sugars 70.0 g
protein 0.1 g
salt 0.01 g

Responsible entrepreneur: FoodConnection GmbH, Siemensstrasse 2, 21465 Reinbek

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