Champagner Essig Vinaigre de Reims

Champagne vinegar (Vinaigre de Reims)

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This Champagne vinegar (Vinaigre de Reims) is prepared from selected champagne grapes and with champagne marc (yeasts). It is versatile and fits

  • Salad dressings
  • in marinades (poultry, seafood or game).
  • for seasoning classic hollandaise and bérnaise sauces

White wine vinegar
Acid: 7%
Origin: France
Delivery time: 10 working days
Ingredients: vinegar from the pulp of champagne wine
Allergens: SO2 / sulfites
Nutritional values: There is no need to provide nutritional values.
Manufacturer: Soripa Gastronomie, Route de Presles en Brie, 77220 Tournan en Brie, France.

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