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Marukome has been producing miso in Nagano Prefecture for more than 150 years. For more than 40 years now, Marukome has been one of Japan's leading producers in this area.

Not only miso, but also Shio Koji are sold as a single product in different versions.


What is Shio Koji and what does it do to our food?

In short: steamed rice fermented by the Koji-Kin Aspergillus Oryzae mold.

Shio Koji contains more than 30 different enzymes that set different processes in motion.

  1. The koji's enzymes break down the nutrients, making it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients. In addition, the conversion of starch into glucose and protein into amino acids supports easy digestion of the food.
  2. Shio Koji provides the right conditions so that useful bacteria can multiply well. When these bacteria are converted by the body, important vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2 or B6 are created.
  3. Most importantly, by converting the proteins into amino acids in the food, an excellent umami taste is created! In addition, the enzymes make meat and fish particularly tender.


What can Shio Koji and Soy Sauce Shio Koji be used for?

There are different possible uses, the basic areas are shown below:


1. Shio Koji

          Fish marinade                                       meat marinade                                   vegetable marinade 

FischFleischGemuese                           marinate for at least 30 minutes,                         marinate 20 - 30 min.                                 rub vegetables with Shio Koji                                        better overnight,                                      for juicy and tender meat,                          let it steep for about 15 minutes

                                           Remove the marinade a little before cooking.


2. Soy sauce Shio Koji:

By adding soy sauce to the koji, the umami taste is significantly enhanced!


               Fish marinade                                                      meat marinade                                                 topping                              Marinate for at least 30 minutes,                                   marinate for 20 - 30 min.,                           add splashes of soy sauce Shio Koji                          better overnight,                                                       for juicy and tender meat,                soups and sauces or for gratinating                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

                                                     Remove the marinade a little before cooking..


         Fisch_sojasauce                              FleischsojasauceKuerbissuppe                                 



       In our recipes you will find detailed descriptions of the possible uses for the soy sauce Shio Koji. Have a look too!


Aubergine_mit_Koji3  Kuerbissuppe2 

                       Aubergine with soy sauce Shio Koji                                Pumpkin soup with soy sauce shio Koji


How long has Koji been around?

The mold appeared for the first time in the 8th century. It is described that some cooked, dried rice has become moist again and that a mold has formed on the rice.
It turned out that it was possible to brew sake with this "moldy rice".
In the years that followed, people found that growing soybean sprouts could successfully breed the mold. Koji was now enjoying increasing popularity. Especially in the hot summer months, a lot of Japanese drank the "amazake" made from koji. This somewhat thick drink is very nutritious and helps particularly well to recover physically from the exhausting heat.

mejiAt the end of the 19th century, the sale of koji was restricted because the mold itself could no longer be sold; only finished products were allowed. Thus, the popularity of Shio Koji gradually declined, which went so far that Koji was forgotten outside of the miso production.

Only in the last few decades has Koji become significantly more popular again, because its diverse uses are still unique.



How is koji made?

In the following video the company Marukome shows the production of Amazake ("Sweet Rice Wine"), a product that is made from Shio Koji.

At the beginning, however, the traditional production of Shio Koji is also illustrated very well:




You can find the products here:

- Shio Koji Marinade

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