Veganer Seidentofu Morinaga

Vegan silken tofu Morinaga

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349 g

  • Does not need to be refrigerated until the package is opened
  • Contains very low fat
  • Can be used as a binding agent in place of eggs
  • For miso soups
  • For bowls


Description vegan silken tofu

The vegan silken tofu was produced in the classic way from a soybean extract that has been curdled. The word "firm" does not mean that it is firm, on the contrary, as the word silken tofu says, it is softly melting and just so tight that it can be cut easily.



With this ready-to-use silken tofu you get a practical alternative for protein components such as meat or fish. Simply cut into slices or cubes - done!

You can use silken tofu instead of eggs as a binding agent for mayonnaises, sauces etc. use.



Delivery time: 3 working days
Ingredients: water, SOY beans, SOY protein isolates, glucono-delta-lactones *, calcium chloride

* Corn starch binder
Allergens: SOY

Nutritional values per 100 ml
energy 255 kJ / 56 kcal
fat 2.6 g
saturated with it 0.4 g
carbohydrates 0.6 g
of which sugars 0.6 g
protein 7.1 g
salt 0.07 g

Responsible entrepreneur: JFC Deutschland GmbH, Theodorstrasse 293, 40472 Düsseldorf

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