Im Zedern-Holzfass gereifte Tamari 100 ml

Tamari 100 ml matured in a cedar wooden barrel

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100 ml

  • Classic tamari
  • Artisan production from a Japanese traditional company
  • Matured in cedar wooden barrels for more than 2 years
  • Without the addition of flavors, flavor enhancers, colorings and preservatives


What is Tamari aged in a cedar wooden barrel?

Tamari is believed to be the original version of Japanese soy sauce. Soybeans and wheat are mixed in a ratio of 80:20 and fermented. For comparison: For the well-known dark soy sauce (Koikuchi), soy beans and wheat are used in a ratio of 50:50.

Since the proteins in soybeans are the source of umami, tamari contains more umami than "normal" soy sauces. Since less water is used, the umami content increases again due to the higher concentration.

Tamari is the darkest soy sauce in terms of color. 

In Japan, soy sauces are not seen as a sauce, but as a seasoning.


What is it used for?

With its dark color and strong umami content, Tamari is recommended for all dishes that are supposed to have a strong soy sauce character.

This soy sauce shouldn't be used for cooking, but as a finishing sauce e.g. for:

  • dark meat such as beef, game, duck
  • dark fish like sardines, eel, mackerel
  • grilled meat or fish
  • Winter vegetables, eggplants, onions
  • Udon noodles
  • combined with mirin



The brewery was founded in Gifu in 1943 and specialized since on the production of tamari. It is now in the 3rd generation. The clientele consists mainly of restaurants that offer eel and udon dishes. In the meantime, however, products have also been developed for private customers. Since Tamari only has a very small market share in Japan, the brewery has become creative and developed extraordinary products such as a salty soy sauce as a topping for ice cream for private customers.


You can find more interesting information on soy sauces in general, such as the umami content here.


soy sauce
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Origin: Japan
Ingredients: S.OJA beans, salt, WHEAT, alcohol
Allergens: SOY, WHEAT

Nutritional values per 100 ml
energy 456 kJ / 109 kcal
fat 0.1 g
saturated with it <0.01 g
carbohydrates 12.7 g
of which sugars 1.8 g
protein 14.5 g
salt 13.7 g

Responsible entrepreneur: FoodConnection GmbH, Siemensstrasse 2, 21465 Reinbek

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