Black miso (Hatcho Miso) from a miso brewery founded in 1337
Schwarze Miso in Schälchen

Black miso (Hatcho Miso) from a miso brewery founded in 1337

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300 g

  • Fermented for 2 years
  • Produced purely from soybeans and with it gluten free
  • To ancient recipes from one Miso brewery founded in 1337 produced
  • Exciting as Ingredient in sauces and in Combination with citrus fruits

What is black miso?

Black Miso (Hatcho Miso) is a Fermented for 2 years black thick miso paste, obtained from almost 100% soybeans. The long fermentation time of over 2 years produces its dark color and thick, pasty consistency. she has Notes of chocolate and olives. It gives stews and sauces a dark, strong note with plenty Umami. The brave even combine them with chocolate in dessert.

The video shows how Hatcho Miso is made.

What is Hatcho Miso used for?

  • For marinating dark meat
  • As an ingredient for stews
  • As an ingredient in sauces
  • As an ingredient in chocolate


Recipe idea: Beef with Shiromi Yuzu - Hatcho Miso Sauce

Rind mit Shiromi Yuzu - Hatcho Miso Sauce


W.o where does this black miso come from?

The company Maruya Hatcho Miso, which produces this special miso, was founded in the city of Hatcho in 1337. As early as 1716, 160 tons of Hatcho Miso were brewed. Production continues to this day full of passion.

Miso Fässer Hatcho Miso

The picture shows barrels in which Hatcho Miso is matured in the traditional way. The manufactory has hired a person to stack the stones, who uses a sophisticated technique to ensure that the stones do not fall down, even if the earth shakes again.


Jean Luc Oosting und Mr. Hatcho Miso

Jean Luc Oosting and "Mr. Hatcho Miso", the President of Maruya Hatcho Miso.


Here you can find more interesting general information about Misos.


Soybean paste organic quality
Origin: Japan
Delivery within 3-5 days
Ingredients: SOY beans, water, salt, roasted SOY flour, koji ferment
Allergens: SOY

Nutritional values per 100 g
energy 875 kJ / 208 kcal
fat 6.6 g
saturated with it 0.9 g
11.1 g
of which sugars 0.6 g
protein 22.4 g
salt 9.6 g

Responsible entrepreneur: Terrasana, Waaier 10, 2451 VV Leimuiden, Netherlands

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