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JP7027 Matsubadaki-Alge
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Matsubadaki Algae

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For Matsubadaki Kombu- Algae (namely Ma Kombu) are marinated, slowly cooked, finely chopped and sprinkled with some liquorice powder. Then they are carefully dried. The kombu strips dry from the outside in, so the inner part is still soft.

Matsubadaki are full of umami and have a delicate liquorice flavor.


About the manufacturer

In 1871, the Japanese manufacturer started trading in kombu seaweed, which he sourced from the best harvesting areas in Hokkaido. From the beginning he focused on the best qualities. Around 1900 he became a supplier of kombu for traditional, discerning Ryotei-Restaurants in Kyoto.

To date, he owns a special cellar for maturation of kombu seaweed. The ripening technique has been known for centuries, as it used to be common to store kombu over the winter due to difficult transport conditions in winter. However, only very special kombu algae are suitable for this maturation like Rishiri Kombu. The producer ages rishiri kombu up to 20 years.

 The kombu ripening cellar:

Kombu Reife-Keller



Use Matsubadaki seaweed

This kombu seaweed is used in Japan as a topping, for example for

  • Japanese Ochazuke
  • Rice balls such as Onigiri
  • Salads

Cut into small pieces, they are also suitable as micro spice for fish and seafood dishes of the international cuisine or for sushi. In small amounts, matsubadaki also taste great as a snack.


Note: Kombu algae have a very high iodine content and can lead to health problems if consumed in excessive amounts.


Kombu Algae
Delivery within 3-5 days
Origin: Japan
Ingredients: Kombu Algae, SOY sauce, Sorbitol, licorice, sweetener, herbal proteins, acidulant, salt
Allergens: None

nutritional values pro 100 g
energy  775 kJ / 185 kcal
fat  0,4 g
saturated with it  0,25 g
carbohydrates  31,1 g
of which sugars  23,9 g
Protein  14,3 g
salt  15,8 g

Responsible entrepreneur: FoodConnection GmbH, Siemensstrasse 2, 21465 Reinbek

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