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Description Kimchi sauce

This kimchi sauce has a very complex flavor from a variety of ingredients such as fermented vegetables, chilies, fruits, spices, fish extracts and seaweed. In addition to its spicy aroma, it also contains a lot of umami.

The sauce has not been pasteurized.


The sauce, also known as kimchii base, can be used to quickly prepare kimchi.

In addition, it fits perfectly:
  • as an ingredient in ramen soups
  • as an ingredient for a kimchi mayonnaise, for example for California rolls
  • along with yogurt as a kimchi dip
  • together with tomato sauce or puree for a spicy Asian tomato sauce
  • as a sauce for poke bowls or Japanese rice bowls

Origin: Japan
Ingredients: water, vegetables/fruits (garlic, tangerine, apple, ginger), salt, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, flavor enhancer: E621, brandy vinegar, chilli, fermented vegetables, fish extract (from bonito, squid), hydrolyzed soy protein, bonito flakes , seaweed, acidifier: E330, stabilizer: E415, flavor enhancer: E363, coloring: E160c
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