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Japanese ancient salt Moshio

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At the Japanese Ursalz Moshio it is a so-called seaweed salt.

The salt has a very long history, it is one of the oldest known Japanese salts. In prehistoric times, it was obtained using algae, hence the name algae salt. Burnt or dried algae were probably boiled in seawater for this purpose until salt flakes crystallized out.

This ancient tradition of extracting salt using seaweed then fell into oblivion for a long time. The tradition was only revived in the last 20 years of the last century.

The starting point was the archaeological discovery of ancient pottery for salt production. Unfortunately, the exact knowledge of the way this salt was extracted was no longer available and it took many years of research to reconstruct it, since there were no old documents about it.

Today, Moshio Salt is produced on an island in the Seto Inland Sea in Hiroshima, based on the old tradition and under the most modern hygiene conditions.


Moshio salt is very tasty and rich in minerals.

It is recommended as a finishing salt to add a little umami to the dishes in addition to salt. 

The photo shows the use of Moshio salt for a Use Maki recipe with salted zucchini slices.

Moshio Salz Gunkan Maiki



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